Our services here encompass:

• Structured and Project Finance (capital government projects - infrastructure, telecommunications, health care, agriculture, tourism, etc.)
• Long term finance in the small and medium size enterprise businesses, and as well in gold and diamond mine industry worldwide
• Rising of Equity to render projects finance-able through appropriate debt to equity ratios-historically, projects with problems in CEE have such issues due to over leverage.
• Development and implementation of risk sharing models through structures such as Public Private Partnerships

Once more, it is important that we are developing of project financing services, and that does not mean we will place substantial amounts of depositor capital at risk for the financing of long-term projects. No, on the contrary, our activity is oriented and comprises the organization of banking syndicates, wherein banks each take a portion of the senior debt raised for such projects; in addition, we mitigate the project risks through the involvement of our gold assets and/or other joint collaterals.


Trade Finance incorporates:

• Issuance and management of financial instruments back by gold
• Issuance of bid, performance and advance payment guarantees for Capital Projects
• Discounting of Promissory Notes and/or financial instruments
• Receipt by our Bank of export linked credit lines for onward extension to projects
• Factoring

Our bank has main focus on Project Investments to grown home market. Furthermore, it also goes beyond the borders - internationally to some Eastward markets of tradition for a links to the Middle East, Brazil, US, ex-Soviet Union Republics, some to North or sub Saharan African markets, and some even to West Europe. Whatever the case will be, there is no banking institution, that is willing or able, to support these projects or businesses related to these projects. This is so, not because the business is not secured or something, but because the Banks do not have enough tangible guarantees for the investment funds and they do not have the "in house expertise" to do so. That is why we utilize and build our own expertise in this area, using risk mitigation techniques to ensure the Bank’s Balance Sheet is not exposed. For the avoidance of doubt, we reiterate that this business is not Balance sheet weighted – the Bank will pre-sell the risks onto the trade finance market (London or Zurich), and retain net, non-risk fees as revenues.


Of course, the Bank has a mixed portfolio of investments and loan assets, including:

• State securities
• Municipal lending
• Private Lending (mortgages, credit cards, clearing systems)
• Corporate lending (projects)

We manage Group that maintain market share in terms of senior state bonds and any lending or project financing, which may be required by Ministry of Finance. There are two tiered: one, in terms of the Banks book itself, and two, in the capacity of an investment banker, we are able to offer and place such securities both onto the local market as well as to run a portfolio of such securities with our own international investor client base. In regards to municipal business, our Group has fine relationships with various international and European Union Directorates, entities and so on, and such relationships are beneficial for the purposes of funding their infrastructure projects. To maintain market position, we see the treatment of waste, post separation, as an area of immense opportunity, due to the national strategy for this area and the manner in where it is considered as a high priority for the Europe and world environment preservation and protection.

Private lending is not an area we would seek to develop, as it is clear, that our vision for the Banking is one in which we position it as the leading corporate and investment Trust management in the market. Corporate Lending is a key issue for us, and by definition therefore also for ourselves. Our committee conduct an in-depth evaluation of all risk management procedures and systems, all the mechanisms that leads to the decision for lending to a client by the credit committee and the Board of Directors. In spite of the fact that we are an innovative bank we tend to adopt the „old fashioned" banking dogmas, in which we do not let computer software decide for us, but we take lending decisions ourselves. As we value our capital as well as our client capital. Using these principles, we are creating a loan portfolio which is not only be beneficial to the bank in terms of net interest margins, but also for the purposes of investment, wealth creation, employment and economic development.

Also, we manage Group that cooperate with Governments and their Central Banks, where we act as guarantors in money printing of state currencies in order to develop the internal economy. IMPERIAL-Bank Trust puts emphasis on the development of main directions that can lead country to quiet large economy expansion. It is - green energy project, agriculture and tourism / entertainment. With its strategic importance is also with huge potential to develop "free trading zone" and build re-export warehouses and terminals (airport and marine port) for inter-trade business for foreign countries and companies.

That said, IMPERIAL Banking Group goes deeper into the development of a strategy for inter-bank zones. Our target is a free trade and off shore market zone. If we look at the access, we enjoy with high net worth individuals, funds, investment trusts, and family offices, there is no doubt that the bank is developed to provide services to this client base holders as they are of substantial funds. Having invested in different banks of middle level it involves the pass-porting of the bank to the market of European Union - in line with the EU directives which enable the free movement of capital and services across its members and Middle East including and Russian Federation.