Being an international stakeholder, we are supporting and developing the Structural and Cohesion Funds with effective management through serious understanding, at national, regional and local levels, of member nations public and private sectors, including SMEs. While these funds are the main tools for reducing economic and social disparities, many countries do not get enough financial assistance from these funds and we are working towards changing it.

Investment structure

We are Trust that is managing structure (Group) that supports investment into the banking system with gold (gold certificates registered in the US), plus active gold and diamond mines in Brazil, Africa and Russian Federation, with approved gold reserves. Our capital and structure are used for the above mentioned purposes.

Next generation



We are Trust that place a premium on moving their structure activities away from “traditional” bank lending and into next generation business-oriented directions, as follows:

• Trade Finance
• Investment Banking
• Advisory
• Capital Markets
• Crypto currency-backed by real gold!
• Clearing

Capital markets

We deal directly with large business groups, listing themselves on foreign exchanges, and providing services such as listings of IPOs, bond placements and so on. In particular, a number of IPOs or Bond placements could require a dimension that European stock markets are giving, so European exchanges should be offered parallel with worldwide exchanges. In addition, we work on intending to significantly enhance the Bank’s trading market share, including, but not limited to, its FX trading desk and new desks such as carbon trading, to include futures purchases, repos and spot trading. These business lines are, like trade and project finance, not capital intensive.

  Focus and valuable


We restlessly focus on the quality of our service and take great pride of our professionalism. Because financial markets are complex and dynamic, we expect every employee to understand the business and his or her contribution to it as a service business, it is vital for us to identify, recruit and train the very best and dedicated person for each position.

Our most valuable assets are people and reputation. We expect employees to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. Integrity, honesty, impartiality and confidentiality are at the heart of our business. As an organization, we are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws and rules that govern us. Our continued success depends upon the adherence to these standards.

Marketing Plan

IMPERIAL-Bank Trust currently has public relations with the banking structure named IMPERIAL Banking Group, which is engaged in the development of the financial sector and investment projects. The Group’s activity includes stock & financial markets, clearing, analysis & reports. Together with IMPERIAL Banking Group we can build from scratch any bank and financial structure.

We undertake a series of road shows aimed at informing potential lead sources on the possibilities of investment. We provide not only information about venture capital and the bank’s products and services, but the ability for potential investee company managers or owners to communicate with us online. A report on online communications between such investees and the Bank submits to the Board for review. We obtain contact details and databases of the existing SMEs, potential partners and send them a short introduction letter concerning the bank, its services and principles. The fact is that many members of the banking community are not even aware of the various programs provided by the EU in several sectors, including the financial and economic ones. This is why we believe that it is important for us to emphasize our partnership with authorities and the public institutions. We liaise with all the EU and worldwide funded programs related to investment, finance, regional and social development, and many more, and ensure that we are actively present in as many of their own events as possible.

We have a number of important qualities rendering it interesting for business, namely:
• We are Managing structure that is not a European Union member.
• We have a stable centre – Government with an excellent working track record in the past decade.
• Our economy increases stability.
• Our online banking system is strong.
We have a currency that is linked to Euro (we are assuming the Euro will survive the current crisis).
• We have a prospective population with an excellent standard of education, and a highly competitive cost of living.
• We have an important strategic location, being located on the territory close to the EU.

Management Plans

IMPERIAL-Bank Trust managing Group structure that provides investment services in the sector of Corporate and Private Banking, acting as not typical commercial and investment bank. We develop non-interest, fee-based revenues to accompany universal lending and reduce dependence on interest margins. We prove that revenues can be built on an asset basis, including retail networks and corporate clients. We target a twofold increase, within 5 years, of the Client Deposit Base achieving this by:

• We Manage Structure that take advantage of the “new gold era of investments” as a marketing tool for the attraction of fresh deposits;
• We Manage Structure that have developed new savings and investment products such as Equity Linked Deposit – linked to Gold
• We Manage Structure that train a select number of Bank staff as “Personal Investment Advisors” – not targeted to the very high net worth individuals (as these clients head offshore) but to the "ever growing" middle class.
• We Manage Structure that target state institutions with substantial funds flows, such as those Companies which are not already our clients
• Finally, we manage Structure that are able to secure both - deposits and savings/investment products from our own capital and our own network of investors and clients; we deal with high net worth individuals, family offices, and funds on an ongoing basis, creating structures and funds for them together with asset management and private banking. This line of business represents the central motivation for our plans to embark on an internationalization strategy for the bank.


In our view, the difference between a good bank and a great bank lies in the advisory services provided to its clients. As we manage a strong banking structure - IMPERIAL Banking Group, we develop new revenue-generation streams:

• Advisory on mergers and acquisitions
• Professional advisory services on corporate disposals, restructuring and others
• Privatization services
• Public private partnership structuring services
• Services pertaining to the sourcing and management of funds

Our analysis of the market also has identified our business opportunity in advisory: the trading of NPLs. We believe that the amount of NPLs across several banks could be with certain amounts of debt, and we have been active with specialist investors in the purchase of such debt with equity, restructuring and recovery, and so on. It is a complex of products that offers benefits to both sides - to the investor as well as to the holders of slow or non-performing debt, and we do intend to offer such services to our colleagues in banking.

About our team

Relevant Experience of some of eventual participants
1. Zoran Esteves, 22 years
2. Adnan Imeri, 18 years
3. Dr C.V. Maria Esteves, 17 years (International Private Banking)
4. Corina Arkabi, 15 years (Israel)
5. Dr Almira Bektesevic, 20 years (Yugoslavia and Germany)
6. Thierry Isaia, 21 years (UK)

Our clients comes first

Satisfaction of our clients always comes first. We constantly strive to understand our customers’ opportunities and needs. We aim to provide them with the best market liquidity, the most adequate product range and the highest level of expertise to help them reach their objectives. We also hold a long term orientation toward close and lasting client relationships through international network and local presence. We always encourage initiatives, creativity and flexibility. We pride ourselves if we pioneer practices or techniques which become standard within our group or in the industry. Changes keep us on the leading hedge of the financial services and technological modernization.