Marketing Plan

IMPERIAL-Bank Trust currently has public relations with the banking structure named IMPERIAL Banking Group, which is engaged in the development of the financial sector and investment projects. The Group’s activity includes stock & financial markets, clearing, analysis & reports. Together with IMPERIAL Banking Group we can build from scratch any bank and financial structure.

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Management Plans

IMPERIAL-Bank Trust trough Banking Group members provides services in the sector of Corporate and Private Banking. It developed non-interest, fee-based revenue to accompany universal lending and reduce dependence on interest margins. We prove that revenues can be built on an asset basis, including retail networks and corporate clients.

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We allocate our capital as investment in accordance with our detailed, in-depth research and assessment, because what banks currently need is a partner with the real tangible capital (such as Gold) and the smart management resources for further development. IMPERIAL-Bank Trust helps banks move from the phase of uncertainty, attract investors and create a vision on how to evolve into both a nationwide player and an international market participant.

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As one of the world's largest independent financial institutions, we offer a distinct perspective that makes a meaningful difference to our clients’ business and wealth. We provide financial strategy services, as well as investment and wealth management solutions to institutions and governmental structures worldwide.

Acting as an influential strategic partner, IMPERIAL-Bank Trust helps clients clearly define the objectives, organizational structure and management strategy. We join forces with local banks under acceptance of the Government and Central Bank and increase the asset capital in gold, this way attracting potential investors for projects. We are specialized in advisory and lead management of financing and investment operations.

  Leading player in the Banking Market

We consolidate and grow our position as a leading player in the banking market in Private and Corporate banking, gradually expanding our presence globally and promoting the strong trustworthy position of the banking system. Our Team has the resources, the management ability and the vision to achieve such objectives. We are providing gold asset investment to achieve a good and stable return for the clients. Our financial targets in the banking sector are ambitious and achievable, and include the following:

  • • To increase the capital of the bank by gold, in Euro currency, to be equal up to 1billion.
  • • To sell gold and diamonds from our active gold and diamond mines production and to sell our instruments back by gold via our bank and by this to increase investment power of the bank by extra liquid capital in Euro that we will get from these transactions.
  • • To invest in government projects, local small and medium size companies and to invest in strategic sectors, attracting investors and clients for the bank.

It is clear that our targets are ambitious, but we highlight that they are more than achievable because of the assets we have in our portfolio.


Capabilities &


We, IMPERIAL-Bank Trust, actively support successful entrepreneurship and create optimal conditions and business environments, required to meet the challenges of the modern "knowledge economy" and to realize its full potential. Today, it is a widely recognized fact that SMEs play an important role in employment, increasing competitiveness and economic development. Being a UN and OIDE member, by our presence and presence of our capital we can help detect the great potential of businesses through a series of initiatives. In rapidly changing and persistently uncertain economic conditions, ensuring the consistency of these initiatives is the main task of our Group and subject to a special policy to economies in transition. Our capabilities allow us to achieve our targets and implement further plans of proposed presence by boosting the capital of a bank with gold.


Our goal is to help the banking system focus on a new modern banking direction - corporate and private banking. Our multiple achievements in this area demonstrate that our Group is an appropriate choice for business and public institutions helping small and medium sized enterprises to grow.